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Ban jumps racing in 2015
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Volunteer with CPR
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MYER: Sponsored Cruelty

The Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses (CPR) is an organisation dedicated to improving the welfare of horses within Australian Thoroughbred Racing. One area of significant concern for CPR is the use of whips within horse racing.

Racehorses are overridden, overworked, abused, worried, tormented and terrified as a result of whipping. All of which not only raise serious concerns around the physical and psychological welfare of racehorses but are also undeniably a breach of the Victorian Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986. The Racing Industry has thus far received dispensation from animal cruelty legislation. The current rules and penalties do not adequately discourage excessive whip use and there is considerable research indicating whip use does not improve racehorse performance or positively influences the outcome of a race.

One of CPR’s key recommendations is the trialling of a whip free race with a view to phase out whip use entirely and CPR is currently undertaking negotiations with Racing Australia in order for this to occur. As a major partner of the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival CPR have requested Myer dedicate a proportion of their sponsorship towards the trialing of a whip free race. Myer have rejected this request demonstrating their unwillingness to proactively support improvements to racehorse welfare.

CPR calls on the general public to express their disgust towards Myer’s unwillingness to improve racehorse welfare and continue to be a major partner of a sport that physically and psychologically abuses horses through the use of the whip.

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Sign the Petition: MYER. NOT MY STORE

Call or Email Myer

Fiona Baxter National Sustainability Manager
fiona.baxter@myer.com.au, 03 8667 7587, 0422 094 331

Melanie Ward Corporate Affairs Manager
melanie.ward@myer.com.au, 03 8667 7596, 0438 101 078

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