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Greyhound Racing - Four Corners
Ban jumps racing in 2015
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Welcome to Horse Racing Kills.com - the website the racing industry doesn't want you to see

MYER: Sponsored Cruelty

Whip on Horse Myer Image
CPR calls on the general public to express their disgust towards Myer’s unwillingness to sponsor a whip free race and continue to be a major partner of a sport that physically and psychologically abuses horses through the use of the whip. TAKE ACTION TODAY  

Making A Killing

Tomorrow night (Monday Feb 16), “Making A Killing” will be aired on Four Corners (ABC1 at 8.30 pm). This chilling exposé is set to rock the greyhound racing industry, with numerous trainers already being suspended and tracks shut down upon the footage being shown to authorities. If you care about racing greyhounds and want to create a kinder world for them, then encourage everybody you know to tune in

A picture speaks a thousand words…

This photo has been sent in by a few supporters and we felt it was important to share. This is a truck leaving the Echuca sale yards yesterday – destined for an abattoir that kills horses for human consumption. Eating horses is legal and happens in some parts of Australia, however the majority of the steaks produced here are sent overseas to countries such as Belgium and France. While we can’t tell the bree

CPR crashes Magic Millions with one simple message

A HORSE IS FOR LIFE – NOT JUST FOR RACING! This is the message our brave volunteers took INSIDE the racecourse at the Magic Millions last week. We thank them for speaking up for the racehorses who so desperately need them. Just as we’re taught not to dump our puppies and kittens when they’re no longer small and ‘cute’ – it’s time the racing industry learns that horses are a lif

We made it…..into the top 10 most complained about ads of 2014!

THANK YOU to everybody who placed a complaint about our Spring Carnival billboard. This has allowed for the much-needed conversation on racehorse welfare to gain serious momentum. “Indeed, last year’s top 10 list features ads that actually get the thumbs up from me. Such as the billboard with a dead horse and the slogan, “Is the party really worth it?” It’s shocking and confronting. To

Perth Cup: New Years Day

We don’t muck around! We kicked off 2015 with a demonstration at the Perth Cup on New Years Day – highlighting welfare issues within the racing industry and of course, the slaughter of failed and former racehorses when no longer profitable. A big thank you to the volunteers and supporters who came along, and to the Animal Justice Party AJP Western Australia and Animal Liberation WAfor joining up with


VICTORIANS: HELP ANIMALS BY GIVING THEM YOUR VOTE This weekend presents a chance that only comes once every 4 years – the possibility of electing somebody to Parliament who will be a voice for animals all day, every day. The Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses is proud to be supporting the Animal Justice Party this Victorian state election. We are doing this because animals make up 99% of our popula


Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 5.48.07 PM
Following the events of Tuesday’s Melbourne Cup, the public was exposed to the sad reality of horse racing. Many did not know that horses do commonly die on Australian racetracks – in fact, one horse dies every 2.9 days here in Australia. Validating our serious concerns for racehorses, it has been discovered two more have died since the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday. ‘Rollem’ was killed at a rac


Melbourne Cup Day was a tragic day in Australian racing – but it was also representative of regular occurrences on the racetrack. Admire Rakti, Caulfield Cup winner who came all the way from Japan and was the Melbourne Cup favourite, collapsed and died post-race. An autopsy the next day found that he suffered from a heart attack – showing the enormous physiological stress these animals are under. Araldo


The racing industry has today had our controversial billboard featuring a dead horse removed. We received an email notifying us of morning removal at 10.45 pm last night. This just shows how low the racing industry will stoop to silence the fact that they recklessly and needlessly kill horses. The horse featured on the billboard was killed by them, not us. We urgently need you donate to our fighting fund to launc


Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 12.23.44 PM
*Warning: Graphic footage* While Australians are picking out their outfits for the Spring Racing Carnival which is quickly approaching, kill buyers around Australia are picking out ex-racehorses – calculating their body weight with the current price of horse meat per kilo. This year, we are focusing our shift towards those who have the power to help us end the slaughter of racehorses – the punters and r


IS THE PARTY REALLY WORTH IT? That’s what thousands of people will be asking themselves every day when they drive over Citylink and see our 22 metre billboard. But this is just the beginning – we will be releasing graphic, never-before-seen footage tonight. The Spring Carnival is fast approaching and we’re calling on punters and race-goers to use “people power” to change the lives of


Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 5.10.15 PM
As the days go by, politicians and elections will come and go, while breeding dogs sit in filthy cages churning out litters of dogs to be sold in pet shops and online, native waterbirds are blown out of the sky to satisfy a minority’s bloodlust, and horses fall and die in cruel jumps races. Join the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses (Ban Jumps Racing campaign), Oscar’s Law & the Coalition

SAJC: “We don’t want jumps racing.”

PROGRESS! The South Australian Jockey Club believes jumps racing is more trouble than it’s worth and wants out. This is a decision that has been brewing for years — the SAJC originally pushed for this outcome in 2012, but agreed to a two-year moratorium with Thoroughbred Racing SA that expires at the end of this jumps season. In recent media interviews, the club has made the following statements: “We believe


Remember Verema? Verema was killed during the running of the 2013 Melbourne Cup – ‘the race that stops a nation’ turned out to be the race that ended her life. Her death was put down to an accident – an irregular event that just so coincidently happened on the biggest race day of the year. However, we always knew this was not true – so we dedicated our time to find out exactly how ofte

A lucky horse living up to his name..

Lucky Lurch….very lucky indeed. We followed Lucky Lurch for many seasons of his jumps racing career when working on our Ban Jumps Racing campaign, with a few concerning moments along the way. So as you can imagine, we are so happy to learn that he has now been retired and was lucky enough that a kind-hearted individual saw him at Pakenham sales and decided to give him a chance. We spoke to Jess, Lurch’

NEWS: ARB introduces new rules for retirement of racehorses!

We are very happy to read about the new rules implemented by Racing Victoria and the Australian Racing Board for the retirement of racehorses. For years, horses have exited the industry unaccounted for, many of them ending up at sale yards where they are usually bought for slaughter, or sent direct to a knackery or abattoir. Under the new rules, owners will have to indicate whether their horses is being retired du


JUMPS RACING DEATH TOLL REACHES SIX. GAI WATERHOUSE TRAINED TENBY LADY KILLED IN TRAINING. Following on from reports from a few concerned individuals about 6YO mare Tenby Lady being listed as ‘dead’ online, it has been confirmed that she fractured her cannon bone while in training and was killed. There was a lot of hype in April this year when Tenby Lady was making her debut, winning the maiden hurdle a

Fifth jumps racing death – RIP Shot Of Glory

BREAKING NEWS: Shot Of Glory fell at Cranbourne in a jumps trial on Wednesday May 25, suffering a shoulder injury and was subsequently killed. Shot Of Glory is the fifth horse to be killed in jumps racing this season. Help us end the carnage, contact your MP today and demand they end jumps racing now! With the state election looming, there is no better time to do so. PLEASE join us in speaking out against this hor

Head vet unsure about jumps racing

Brian Stewart
In a very telling interview on Racing & Sports Network following the death of Elms at Casterton, RVL’s Head Vet Brian Stewart revealed the dilemma he faces waking up on the morning of a jumps race. Thank you, Brian! Everybody in the jumps racing industry knows horses will die – it’s just a matter of when. This is why they follow every jumps race with a green screen to hide the carnage from pu

Farewell to a friend…

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Karin Geradts, a long time CPR supporter and a key figure within the animal protection movement. Karin was the convenor of the Greens Animals Working Group – Victoria. She was a great asset to animals and will be sorely missed – but the work she invested will live on and continue to change the lives of animals. Rest in peace Karin. Picture: Karin


REST IN PEACE ELMS, ANOTHER VICTIM OF CRUEL JUMPS RACING. Sunday May 25 saw the death of Elms at Casterton. Elms was killed in a hurdle race bringing the victim tally to 4 horses in 2014. On Monday May 26, CPR rallied in Bourke St Mall to once again speak up for the victims of jumps racing and to educate the public about the cruelty involved. As usual, passers-by were lining up to sign our petition an collect some

Cranbourne Carnage

Cranbourne Carnage-1
VIDEO: Following on from the death of Show Dancer on May 21, there has been further carnage on Victorian race tracks, this time at Cranbourne. Out of 8 trial races, 4 horses fell (2 of them in the same race at the same jump!) This just defeats any industry claims about improvements in safety of jumps racing. A cruel and dangerous sport like jumps racing will never be safe, definitely not for the horses! TAKE ACTION

“Days are numbered for jumps racing in South Australia”

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 6.34.17 PM
NEWS: More progress on our Ban Jumps Racing campaign. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead This quote will never ring more true when you hear what the Former Head of the South Australian Jockey Club had to say in an article written by the ABC! “Mr Ploubidis, who ran the jockey cl


The death of Show Dancer after he snapped his neck in the steeplechase at Sandown on May 21 has once again marred the already blood-tainted jumps racing industry – with numerous animal welfare organisations calling on a ban of the sport to prevent further suffering to horses. As a result of this, the 7.30 Report ran a segment on the cruel sport of jumps racing, which you can watch here. Don’t forget y


On Wednesday May 21 the third victim for the 2014 jumps racing season was claimed – a 7 year old gelding known as ‘Show Dancer’. CPR fieldworkers were at Sandown Racecourse documenting the cruelty that unfolded in jumps racing – where Show Dancer flipped over the hurdle and was subsequently killed. Two other horses also fell, one crashing through the wing of the first jump. You can watch the

Want to help rescued racehorses?

Do you have something to offer to rescue racehorses? CPR is growing faster than we could have ever possibly imagined and we are regularly being contacted by racing industry workers who are trying to give their horses a second chance before slaughter. To accommodate to this, we are currently establishing a national database to assist with the rehoming of racehorses. If you have something to offer to rescue horses,

The death of Immaculate

REST IN PEACE IMMACULATE. KILLED AT MT GAMBIER – 15/05/14 Yesterday 7YO mare ‘Immaculate’ was killed after suffering a serious break to her leg at Mt Gambier. We don’t know the full details of her injuries yet as the stewards reports are not yet released, however as you can see, her bone is fully protruding from her leg. We can’t begin to imagine the pain this poor girl was going throu


It’s National Volunteer Week! CPR wouldn’t be here today if it were not for the hard work of dedicated volunteers, and we are always looking to expand. If you are passionate about racehorse welfare and want to dedicate some of your spare time to create a better world for them you can fill out a volunteer form via our website - we are active in Vic, SA, NSW, QLD, WA and Tas. To keep with the trend of N

Happy Mother’s Day!

We LOVE our mums – which is why we can’t bear to think about other mums suffering, but it is the unfortunate truth for many broodmares who breed foals for the racing industry. Each year in Australia, there are thousands of broodmares who are sent to slaughter when they are no longer considered commercially viable in the eyes of the industry. That is, when they can no longer produce foals. Most of them w


This Mother’s Day, we will be remembering the thousands of female racehorses who go into breeding when they are no longer profitable on the racetrack. Many will be kept in foal constantly year after year, until they can no longer produce any more foals. While a few lucky broodmares may be given a second chance when their breeding years are over, many are discarded and sent to slaughter as they are no longer c

A happy story…

CPR received a phone call several days ago from a racehorse owner. His trainer had told him his racehorse, a two year old was ‘no good’. It was time to get rid of him. Never raced, a decision was made to send him to the ‘doggers’. This beautiful ‘nameless’ 2YO gelding did nothing wrong. He simply wasn’t cut out for horse racing. Many aren’t. In fact somewhere between 50 and 70% of horses bred for ra

Thank you Sam Simon!

Sam Simon
You probably know Sam Simon as a creator of The Simpsons, but what you may not know is that he is a staunch advocate for animal rights. Earlier this week, Sam funded the rescue of American racehorse ‘Valediction’, who is the same horse being called a ‘rat’ by his trainer in some recent undercover footage we shared. Valediction broke his knee while racing, which should have seen himself the


photo (7)
Well we really do have some truly amazing supporters! This framed picture at two of our supporters recent wedding reads.. “Thank you for joining us on our special day! Since we both have such a love for animals, we have chosen to donate our wedding favours to support to of our favourite organisations the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses & Edgar’s Mission.”  There are so many uni

Warrnambool Carnival wrap-up

Well we are home from what has been a busy 3 days down at the Bool raising awareness and monitoring jumps races. We are happy to announce that no horses were killed during the carnival, however unfortunately this cannot be said for the rest of the jumps racing season or even Warrnambool racetrack, where Viva Delspec was killed less than a month ago. Despite the fact there were no falls or deaths today in the two ju


You might be surprised to find out who this is. The last time we saw Borris he was underweight, scared and standing alone in a Victorian sale yard. Continuously pacing the barriers of the small pen that had confined him for the previous 24 hours, he called out to his female friend, who unfortunately was not as lucky as him that day as she was led away to the truck that takes horses to the place that horses don̵

Oakbank 2014 wrap-up

The CPR team is back from the notorious Oakbank Carnival in South Australia. This carnival alone has killed 24 horses in the past 25 years. Once again, this year’s event certainly wasn’t incident free… Day one – 19/04/14: One the first day of the carnival, which features two jumps races, CPR in conjunction with Animal Liberation South Australia held a vigil for Black Moon, who was killed

Second jumps racing death of 2014 – RIP Black Moon

Black Moon John Oconnor
On Monday the 14th of April, less than one month into the 2014 Victoria jumps racing season, 6 year old gelding Black Moon fell in a jumps racing trial at Oakbank and was killed. It was his first time in a jumps trial, or jumps racing related event. During a media interview with Channel 7 that night, Black Moon’s trained said “[if it weren't for jumps racing] he would have been in pet food three years a

#SponsoredCruelty campaign 2014

sponsored cruelty virvacity
Help us to stop jumps racing cruelty! In the past 4 years alone, 5 horses have been killed in jumps races at Oakbank. And since 2008, there have been 55 horses killed in Australian jumps racing – despite it only running for a short season each year in just Victoria and South Australia, with it being illegal under animal cruelty laws in NSW and discontinued in every other state. Recently in a media interview,

First jumps racing death of 2014 – RIP Viva Delspec

On Thursday the 3rd of April, just two weeks into the 2014 Victoria jumps racing season, 7 year old gelding Viva Delspec faltered going over the seventeenth jump in the steeplechase at Warrnambool and was killed. Viva Delspec began his jumsp racing career on the 11th of May 2012, and just under 2 years later, it was ended. CPR rallied in Bourke Street Mall the day after his death to hold a Ban Jumps Racing demons

NSW supporters – we need YOU!

Golden Slipper Event Photo
The Golden Slipper is the richest 2YO race in the world. For the owners and trainers, it’s a chance to see a quick return on your investment. For the horse, it’s like playing Russian Roulette. Horses are not fully developed until approx. 5 years of age and racing them at such a young age is in our opinion culpable. Many horses break down even before they are even raced as they are trained at an even younger ag


all charges dropped
Last year we announced that the charges placed against Ward, our communications manager and Sally, an Animal Justice Party candidate had been dropped after they were arrested at our peaceful jumps racing protest at Morphettville. If you missed the story behind it all, we captured it all in this video. Unfortunately, shortly after this announcement our campaign director, Elio and another volunteer, Rod (pictured

‘Can’t Teach That’ – the dark side of 2 year old racing

iT WAS HIS FIRST TIME ON A RACE TRACK. HE WAS ONLY 2… ‘Can’t Teach That’ fractured his right fore cannon bone and fell approaching the 200m in the first barrier trials at Wagga on Friday. He was subsequently killed. It was his first outing as a racehorse, he had never trialled or raced before. And he never will again… Unlike official race days, stewards reports from trials are often no

New merchandise in the CPR store – place your pre-order now!

Our new merchandise is now available for pre-order! Our newest items are ‘I Love Horses’ t-shirts & singlets and ‘Horsielicious’ t-shirts & singlets (after we ran our Horsielicious stunts during Spring Carnival last year, we got requests for the design on merchandise and now it’s here!) Printed on Earth Positive t-shirts meaning they are organic cotton, ethically traded (no sw

CPR helps Freedom Hill save two lucky racehorses!

CPR recently attended the Echuca sale yards to bid on behalf of Freedom Hill Sanctuary in South Australia. Freedom Hill offers a safe haven for animals that have been rescued from abuse, exploitation or neglect. Two lucky 3-year-old racehorses were given a reprieve from slaughter and will be spending the rest of their days with the other rescued racehorses at the sanctuary. Keep an eye on their Facebook page  for

A dedication to the mares of the racing industry

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 11.58.56 AM
Today is International Women’s Day, so we’d like to dedicate this post to all the female racehorses out there. This day was created to celebrate respect, appreciation and love towards women – however, unfortunately this is often not the case for mares in the racing industry. When female racehorses are no longer profitable on the track, they are usually sent into the breeding industry to become bro

Show No Remorse…..spared from slaughter!

This ex-racehorse was spotted by our volunteers being sold for $290 to a kill buyer at the Laidley sales in Queensland. She was separated from her new born foal and taken away. Assuming she would be now dead, we shared her sad story on our Facebook page. We were then notified that the knackery who had purchased her was giving her one last chance, and she could still be spared from slaughter if a compassionate indi

The dark side of racing…

photo (3)
Here are just some of the sweet ex-racehorses who were bought by kill buyers at a Victorian sale yard today. In a few days time they will be killed for dog food or human consumption and exported to countries such as Belgium and France. These routine killings of ex-racehorses are happening every day of the year here in Australia – yet the racing industry still won’t take action and implement a retiremen

Racehorse heat stress

While sporting events were being cancelled all around the state on Saturday, the horses at Caulfield were not so lucky as we the launch of Relaxing Racing at Caulfield Racecourse in the 40 degree heat. While it might have been relaxing for the racegoers and punters in the air conditioned betting and bar areas, it certainly wasn’t for the horses who had to race outside in the direct sunlight – many of

Wastage awareness at the Hobart Cup

A huge THANK YOU to our amazing Tasmanian supporters who spoke up for racehorses at the Hobart Cup! CPR has vowed to keep the pressure on the racing industry to take responsibility for their horses by implementing a retirement plan to stop them going to slaughter when no longer profitable. You can find out more about this cruelty and take action here. If you’d like to keep up to date with all of our actions

The story of Estaher….

photo (1)
5 year old mare Estaher raced at Albury just last Friday and today, less than a week later she has ended up at a Victorian sale yard still with her racing shoes on – her only crime being too slow on the track. Hot and sweaty as she paced along the rails, she was sold to a kill buyer. Her punishment will be a bullet in the head and turned into pet food. Her life was valued at no more than $215. When we share t


Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 8.09.44 PM
Yesterday CPR announced that 14 horses have already been killed on Australian racetracks in 2014. Today the death toll has risen to 17. The one scheduled race meet in Victoria at Benalla saw the death of 3 year old gelding Bit Of A Bash and 7 year old gelding Little Pablo. The one race meet scheduled in Queensland at Sunshine Coast saw the death of 6 year old gelding Jhelum. Both Bit Of A Bash and Jhelum starting r


Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 7.30.15 PM
So far 2014 The Year of the Horse has been a pretty sad year for horses. As you may have read in our earlier blog  post, 14 horses have already been killed this year on racetracks around Australia. Whilst we understand this number is significant and may be overwhelming for some, we feel the world deserves to know who they were, so please see a list below: - Surfcat - Tazlina - Harders - Miss Trixie - Kentucky Trea

CPR calls on State Governments to review racing horses in the heat

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 12.33.47 AM
14 horses have already died on tracks around Australia in 2014. With the heatwave that has been in effect for the past month, we feel its time for State Governments to intervene and hold an enquiry into horse racing in the heat. We have called for reviews of a hot weather policy that allows horses to compete in high temperatures, and you can read more about it in this article from the Murray Mail.


3 year old filly ‘Kiss A Rose’ collapsed and died in the mounting yard after finishing 10th in race 7 on Saturday February 1st at Caulfield. A few weeks ago, CPR raised their concerns to Racing Victoria about horses racing in extreme heat. And this is why. Kiss A Rose died of an aortic aneurism, which many will say is unrelated to the current Melbourne heat wave and the welfare concerns that come with i

The face of ‘WASTAGE’

The face of a failed racehorse sold for pet meat recently at a Victorian sale yard. These are the eyes that remind us to keep on going and to work even harder to create a better world for not just racehorses, but all horses. We’d like to reassure ourselves and our supporters and say this sort of cruelty is uncommon, but when approximately 15,000-18,000 horses are sent to slaughter each and every year, it̵


Meet Lahnee. Lahnee has always loved animals, which is why she was horrified when she found out what happened to her pick in her workplace Melbourne Cup sweep. We are sure you all remember the story of Verema – the French mare who fractured her cannon bone in the Melbourne Cup and was dead before the race even finished. It was when she went searching to find out more about this beautiful mare, whose life was

CPR peaceful protestor charges DROPPED!

It is with absolute delight that we can announce that Sally, one of our peaceful protestors who was arrested at our Morphettville Ban Jumps Racing demonstration last September, had her day in court yesterday and the police dropped all of her charges. This is in addition to the charges that were dropped against Ward (CPR’s Communications Manager), which we announced just after Christmas. Thank you to all who

Race meets held in the Vic/SA heat heatwaves

When it was noticed that the mercury was expected to sore up to and beyond 44 degrees celcius from 13th-17th of January in Victoria and South Australia, CPR voiced their concerns to Throughbred Racing South Australia (TRSA) and Racing Victoria (RV) about the welfare of horses racing in these conditions. While not all race meets were cancelled for this week, we were pleased to be informed that the following meets we

CPR pushes for horse sale yard improvements

Remember Bimbil? If not, you can read her story here. CPR recently met with the Shire of Campaspe today to discuss bettering welfare standards at the Echuca sale yards, where many failed and retired ex-racehorses go through before being sold on to knackeries and abattoirs throughout Australia (with a lucky few being rescued!) Over the past few years, CPR has seen many sick and injured horses go through this sale,

Early 2014 media

It looks as if 2014 really IS going to be the Year of the Horse! CPR has done lots of media since the beginning of the year (with our first interview being on New Years Day at the Perth Cup). Here is some of our January 2014 media - New challenge for retired racehorses – ABC News Don’t send horses to the knackery: activists – Ninemsn The dark side of horse racing – The Age/Sydney Morning Her

Magic Millions Demonstration 2014

On January 11th 2014, the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses (CPR) and Animal Liberation Queensland descended on the Magic Millions most popular race day to let punters know that the racing industry does not value the lives of horses unless they are racing. Elio Celotto, Campaign Director for CPR said “With all the glitz and glamour that the Magic Millions has to offer, you would think surely that the ho

New Years Day Perth Cup Demonstration

We kicked off our 2014 wastage campaign today at the Perth Cup! Thanks to the amazing WA CPR crew for running this demonstration. Read our media release below: ‘Horse advocates descend on Perth Cup with New Year’s Resolution: Retirement for racehorses On the first day of 2014 – the year of the horse – animal welfare advocates will hold a New Year’s day protest at the iconic Perth Cup tomorrow cal

2014 – Year of the Horse

Welcome to the very first day of 2014! CPR is getting straight to work today and will be demonstrating at the Perth Cup calling on the racing industry to make a New Year’s resolution for racehorses by creating a retirement plan for them. After all, 2014 is the Year of the Horse. The good news is that you don’t have to be a multi-billion dollar industry to be able to make a difference for horses. Every s

CPR Christmas Party a huge success!

Over 70 people came along to our Christmas party/fundraiser at Madame K’s Vegetarian on Friday the 6th of December. An amazing night was had by all! Thank you to all who attended and for your ongoing support through 2013. We look forward to an even bigger and better 2014 for the horses. CPR would also like to say a great, big thank you to Kitty (pictured) and the staff at Madame K’s for the great hospit

Article on WASTAGE wins top prize at Voiceless Media Awards

Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 11.29.58 PM
CPR would like to congratulate Susan Chenery and Fairfax Media for winning the top prize and the Voiceless Media Awards for the article “They shoot horses, don’t they?” The article, which went to print in the Good Weekend a few months back, received massive viewership and enlightened readers to the cruel and well-hidden secret of www.horseracingkills.com/Wastage CPR spent 3 days working with Sus

CPR presents at ANZALS

Dr Caroline Winter (pictured) and Ward Young (CPR’s communications manager) recently did a presentation on “Fatalities and Fascinators: a new perspective on thoroughbred racing” at the ANZALS (Australian & New Zealand Association for Leisure Studies) conference at Monash University in Frankston. The presentation explored wastage and jumps racing, giving attendees an insight on the hidden dar

CPR Christmas Party!

Come and celebrate the year-that-was with the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses! We’d like to extend a warm invitation to all of our supporters to join us at our 2013 Christmas celebrations at Madame K’s on Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. We will be in the newly renovated upstairs function room (we are also excited to be the first group to use it, thanks MK!) Come and meet the team and other support

Three horses killed in Victorian racing in one week

AMBERS KINGDOM KILLED AT MURDER VALLEY 6 year old gelding Ambers Kingdom (who had won over $143,000 in his career), broke down at Moonee Valley on the 23rd of November in the Arts Series Hotel Handicap after fracturing his off hind leg, and was subsequently killed on the race track. Although Ambers Kingdom died as a 6 year old, he raced and trialled as a 2 year old. CPR believes that 2 year oldracing on underdevelo

A dedication to the horses left behind…

We want to dedicate this blog post to all of the horses we have met along the way on this journey… The ones it was too late for and the ones we couldn’t save. They might be forgotten by their owners or their industry, but they won’t be forgotten about by us. For them we vow to continue this fight for a better life for racehorses, and all horses – and we will not stop until we achieve our goa


We want to say a big thank you to our supporters for their overwhelming support during our Spring Carnival wastage awareness campaign. We also want to extend a special thank you to all of our wonderful supporters who chose to donate their office/work sweeps, what they amount they would have placed a bet with in the past and not to forget those who simply just donated to us, or a horse rescue of their choice. Again,

Making progress for horses on ABC News

CPR recently met with the ABC News crew to film a story on wastage and what happens to failed racehorses. The story went to air last night, and we were delighted to once again see horses take priority during prime viewing time on national television. While it is happening slowly, it feels as if we are making positive steps in the right direction. If we continue to keep the pressure on the racing industry, we are

Spring Carnival attendance figures take a massive drop

thank you
The attendance figures for Stakes day today have been posted on the Melbourne Cup Carnival website, and they’re not looking good. Stakes Day at Flemington today saw a reduction of 9,500 on last year, a whopping $12.7%. Yes it did rain in the morning but from about 12.00pm, it was beautiful sunshine. So, where are the race goers? Let’s look at the summary of the completed Melbourne Cup Carnival. 4

CPR’s 1% proposal on The Project!

The Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses recently met up with The Project on Channel TEN to discuss our 1% to stop the slaughter proposal. That night, they put a story to air and Dr Chris Brown from Bondi Vet put his support behind it! Two days later, they did a follow up story on the proposal. We are overwhelmed and excited that the wastage issue took a seat on prime TV twice in one week, enlightening hund

‘I Love Racing’ video gets over 20,000 views in just three days!

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 5.05.22 PM
CPR recently worked on a satirical video about horse racing (in particularly, Spring Carnival) and what they are really paying for when they think they are having an innocent day out, or just a bit of a ‘flutter’. The response to the video was overwhelming, with it topping over 20,000 views in the first three days it was online – 10,000 of them being on Melbourne Cup Day alone. You can watch the v

Rest in peace Verema

The running of the Melbourne Cup on the 5th of November saw 5 year old French mare ‘Verema’ killed on the track in the main race after breaking her canon bone. Verema was dead before the race was over without most of the race goers even knowing. That was until CPR marched down from the picnic to let the public know what had happened, and what the industry had attempted to hide from them at the time. For

Melbourne Cup Picnic & Protest

CPR had a fantastic vegan picnic on Cup Day at Doc Root Reserve next to Flemington Racecourse. In past years, the Cup event had been much more picnic than protest. However, when we heard about the death of ‘Verema’ in the main race, we marched down the main entrance of Flemington to let racegoers know that a horse had been killed behind a green screen, out of public view without most of them knowing. RI

CPR launches “Horsielicious” at Derby Day!

A blood-drenched horse butcher from the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses (CPR) made a surprise appearance at the prestigious Victoria Derby Day at Flemington today. The butcher was promoting ‘the racing industry’s retirement plan in a can’ that is, the thousands of unwanted racehorses sent to slaughter every year. Kal the horse killer said “Come along and dine on some equine – they’re horsieli

Sharing the story of a very special (and very lucky) horse

Track Wiz (or ‘Tracky’ as he has become known to us) ended up in our care a while ago, however we were waiting for the best time to share his special story. Like most jumps horses, we came to know Tracky through our Ban Jumps Racing campaign before he ended up at the Echuca sale yards. Tracky’s story epitomises why we need a retirement plan for horses who exit the racing industry, and we are hop

Cox Plate….CRASHED!

CPR kicked off it’s Spring Racing Campaign by targeting the Cox Plate to let racegoers know that there is currently no retirement plan for racehorses, and the majority of them end up discarded as WASTAGE. While Moonee Valley was expecting us at the track where we had our usual demonstration with signs and the megaphone, they certainly weren’t expecting us to unveil a banner inside the track after the 2

A ‘Good Weekend’ for horses

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 4.05.52 PM
The morning of Saturday September 28 started like every other for most people, however here at the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses office, we knew that this morning was going to change the lives of horses forever. Four months earlier in June, CPR received an email from a journalist in NSW named Susan who had heard about the gruesome fate of ex-racehorses, wastage  and what usually happens to horses when

An Evening of Kindness with Aussie cricket superstar Peter Siddle

On Friday night Elio, Georgie and Ward from the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses team met up with cricketing legend Peter Siddle at Edgar’s Mission‘s Evening of Kindness. Peter, a self-professed animal lover and a vegan, explained to us how horrified he was when he found out what happens to racehorses when they are no longer profitable. And on top of this, was aware of the inherent cruelty in

‘Melbourne Cup warm-up’ kills horse

Lucripetous Cant 220212
Picking out dresses and putting aside those extra dollars, the nation gets prepared for the year’s biggest race – behind the scenes, horses are already dying. Lucripetous, a well-made gelding having made a decent  $276, 560, broke down in The Metropolitan last week, a warm-up race for the Melbourne Cup in NSW. Barely making it past the 1200m mark, it quickly became evident that Lucripetous had fractured his h

Make the pledge to not support cruelty!

Spring Carnival Cover Photo
Spring Carnival is fast approaching, and while most people will see a day at the race as a bit of harmless fun on a token day off work – what they are actually supporting is a harmful fate for racehorses . That is, their slaughter when they are no longer profitable or commercially viable. If you are on Facebook and want to join the army of compassionate horse lovers who refuse to support the racing industry

Spring Carnival Demonstrations

20120406_Fair Projects_Oakbank Day 1_050
The sun is out and the birds are chirping, yes it’s that time of year again – Spring! As you step a little closer to the racetrack, you’ll hear the roar of the crowds, and if you’re close enough – the smack of the whip onto an exhausted thoroughbred. As we have done in previous years, we will be targeting the Spring Racing Carnival to raise awareness about the various issues of horse racing such as tw

Jumps racing protestors arrested at Morphettville

During our most recent trip to Adelaide for our Ban Jumps Racing campaign, two of our peaceful protestors were arrested at Morphettville for doing nothing more than speaking into a megaphone about the cruelty involved in jumps racing. The Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses were holding a peaceful protest in conjunction with Animal Liberation South Australia, when a member of the SA Police decided that he

Recent jumps racing footage

chasing drama
Jumps racing continues to disappoint with horses falling at an alarmingly high rate. Many horses will sustain injuries from hitting the obstacles and/or landing awkwardly resulting in retirement and a very bleak future, often resulting in death on the track. Below is a compilation of our jumps racing footage filmed over the month of August in the 2013 Victorian jumps racing season. The fall of Origato at Sandown, A

Happy Father’s Day to all of the stallions

CPR would like to wish a Happy Father’s Day to all of the stallions in the horse world. Unfortunately as we are about to explain, being a father horse isn’t exactly always happy. Most people think that the life of a stallion would be a life of lust and leisure. However like most animals in the racing industry, their value is determined by how productive they can be and are deemed worthless when they can no

‘Bimbil’ update

Last week we shared the story of Bimbil with you, who ended up at Echuca sale yards with what appeared to be a broken fetlock. Had CPR not been present, she would have been on a truck to Laverton Knackery where she may have been left for days or even weeks before being relieved of her suffering. Thankfully, common sense prevailed on the day – and after CPR’s persistence, she was finally euthanised. If y

‘Bimbil’ – the face of the forgotten thoroughbred

Today the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses was monitoring Echuca horse sales and discovered 8 year old mare ‘Bimbil’ standing in pen number 65 with a fractured fetlock. We noticed that she could not bare weight on this particular leg, it was very swollen and deformed (as you can see in the picture) and her condition was quickly deteriorating. Despite her condition, she was sold to Laverton Pet

Drama for Chasing Drama

Chasing Drama certainly caused some drama today at Pakenham as he took a nasty fall in the first hurdle race. Although he got up soon afterwards, the steward’s report determined that he suffered some injuries and has been referred to the jumps racing review panel. You can take action against this cruelty here. Like all seasons, jumps racing continues to disappoint with horses falling at an alarmingly high rate.

The fall of…..jumps racing’s dignity at Coleraine

A jumps race meet on Sunday 11th of August at Coleraine featuring one steeplechase and two hurdle races has seen absolute carnage as described by the race caller. In the first race, only four horses contested the race with one falling and another being pulled out leaving only two horses to cross the finish line. However the real carnage erupted during the second race which saw four horses fall at the one jump, two

RIP Banna Strand

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 2.33.17 AM
The Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses is saddened to announce the passing of one of jumps racing most notorious horses, Banna Strand, who is reported to have lost a battle with colic. If this name sounds familiar to you, just think back a few short years to the 2011 Warrnambool Carnival where Banna Strand dumped his rider and leaped over a 2 metre fence into a crowd of people, injuring multiple people inc

CPR wine? We’ll drink to that!

We have some super exciting news to share with you all! We know that lots of our supporters love a wine or two – and now you can have a drink AND support a good cause while you’re at it! The wonderful people at Goodwill Wine are kindly supporting us with our own personalised wine bottle which is sure to start up a dinner-table discussion. They will serve as a great conversation-starter so you can sprea

4th Victorian jumps death – RIP End Of Time

The Steeplechase at Casterton on Sunday 7th of July saw the fourth victim of the 2013 jumps racing victim claimed. End Of Time, who was trained by Eric Musgrove and had a history of previous falls; fell badly out the back of the steeple course at one of the final fences and was killed as a result. The 5 year old bay gelding had won $75,000 for his owners, and had 25 starts in racing. The race replay can be viewed

WASTAGE merchandise available for pre-order!

Check out the design for our new WASTAGE merchandise! Tees (short and long sleeve), singlets and hoodies now available for pre-order at our online shop! If you haven’t yet heard about wastage and what happens to horses when they are no longer profitable or commercially viable, you can find out more on our wastage page. All merchandise purchases go into much needed funding to run our campaigns.

Testabeel death considered a ‘sensation’

Testabeel was a 3 year old filly. We say WAS because she was killed this week after she broke her off fore shoulder running in the Austinbuild Maiden Plate at Hamilton. When Testabeel broke down during the race, the caller shouted words to the effect of – “Testabeel’s fallen. Lady Dyson’s gone over the top. Ninesmine got flattened… Talk about a race of sensations!” CPR believes t

Fundraising success! And a huge THANK YOU to our supporters!

The Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses (CPR) would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everybody who donated to our lens fundraising campaign – every single donation of any amount was so greatly appreciated. And most importantly, it helped us reach our target! Another special thank you to everybody who shared our campaign – we understand that not everybody is in a position to assist financially, an

2013 jumps racing season claims it’s third victim

Two horses were killed within 5 days of each other at Warrnambool last week. Reckless Rat was killed last Tuesday after suffering a knee injury, and then Mikiyama, who trialled and fell at Warrnambool on Friday, was killed on the weekend following a suspected muscle tear. The worst part is that Racing Victoria will never count Mikiyama as a statistic because he never raced over the jumps at an official jumps meet.

Jumps horse KILLED in Premier’s Electorate

The controversial jumps racing season has claimed it’s second on-track victim in 2013 with Reckless Rat being killed at the Warrnambool Racecourse, in Premier Napthine’s electorate. The latest death has outraged animal activists who are calling on the former veterinarian to step in immediately and end jumps racing in Victoria. Ward Young, Communications Manager for the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses

CPR joins forces with the Sea Shepherd Crew!

Recently the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses (CPR) held an information session in Williamstown for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society crew where the Bob Barker, Steve Irwin and Sam Simon ships are docked. We covered WASTAGE (there wasn’t a dry eye in the room after that video!) and our BAN JUMPS RACING campaign with all who came along. The response was fantastic with many international and

Rest in peace Rangirangdoo

The Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses made the decision to withhold from posting about Rangirangdoo on our blog for a few weeks after the tension we witnessed on our Facebook page the day after the tragedy occurred. First of all, CPR would like to extend their condolences to ‘Rangi’s’ owners and connections who are reading this for the loss of this beautiful, young boy.  While we understand that it

URGENT: Can you help us help horses?

Can you help us buy this lens? (http://www.horseracingkills.com/donate/) For 6 years we have been running the Ban Jumps Racing campaign, documenting the cruelty in jumps races (To learn about jumps racing, watch our ‘this is jumps racing’ video here). This year the race clubs are starting to fight back – they kick our fieldworkers out of the racecourse, park large moving trucks in our view and
2013 Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses.