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2013: The year for change



It’s hard to be anything less than optimistic for 2013. After all, we survived the¬†apocalypse¬†on December 21.

However more specifically, looking at the effect that our wastage campaign has had and the awareness raised as a result, the racing industry is under even more pressure to do something (and not just say something) to improve horse welfare. We’ve seen their lip service for too long, and it’s time for their actions to speak louder than their words.

Over 30,000 have viewed our wastage video and over 20,000 people have signed our online petition calling for the racing industry to introduce a retirement plan for racehorses. In coming weeks we will be presenting a proposal to the racing industry calling for 1% of betting turnover to be allocated to a retirement fund for racehorses – it would equate to $143M (yes, that’s million with an ‘M’) each year which could save a lot of horses from ending up at the knackers each year. And after all, it’s only 1%, surely it’s not too much to ask for the Sport of Kings?

If you’d like to make 2013 the year of change for racehorses, we’d love your help. You can join our team by volunteering, or you can support our team by becoming a monthly donor to ensure that we have enough resources to continue raising awareness about the plight of racehorses, and campaign for change.

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