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5 horses killed. Ban Jumps Racing!
Wastage: Read more
Volunteer with CPR
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Fifth jumps racing death – RIP Shot Of Glory

BREAKING NEWS: Shot Of Glory fell at Cranbourne in a jumps trial on Wednesday May 25, suffering a shoulder injury and was subsequently killed. Shot Of Glory is the fifth horse to be killed in jumps racing this season. Help us end the carnage, contact your MP today and demand they end jumps racing now! With the state election looming, there is no better time to do so. PLEASE join us in speaking out against this hor

Head vet unsure about jumps racing

Brian Stewart
In a very telling interview on Racing & Sports Network following the death of Elms at Casterton, RVL’s Head Vet Brian Stewart revealed the dilemma he faces waking up on the morning of a jumps race. Thank you, Brian! Everybody in the jumps racing industry knows horses will die – it’s just a matter of when. This is why they follow every jumps race with a green screen to hide the carnage from pu

Farewell to a friend…

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Karin Geradts, a long time CPR supporter and a key figure within the animal protection movement. Karin was the convenor of the Greens Animals Working Group – Victoria. She was a great asset to animals and will be sorely missed – but the work she invested will live on and continue to change the lives of animals. Rest in peace Karin. Picture: Karin
2013 Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses.