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5 horses killed. Ban Jumps Racing!
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Welcome to Horse Racing Kills.com - the website the racing industry doesn't want you to see

A lucky horse living up to his name..

Lucky Lurch….very lucky indeed. We followed Lucky Lurch for many seasons of his jumps racing career when working on our Ban Jumps Racing campaign, with a few concerning moments along the way. So as you can imagine, we are so happy to learn that he has now been retired and was lucky enough that a kind-hearted individual saw him at Pakenham sales and decided to give him a chance. We spoke to Jess, Lurch’

NEWS: ARB introduces new rules for retirement of racehorses!

We are very happy to read about the new rules implemented by Racing Victoria and the Australian Racing Board for the retirement of racehorses. For years, horses have exited the industry unaccounted for, many of them ending up at sale yards where they are usually bought for slaughter, or sent direct to a knackery or abattoir. Under the new rules, owners will have to indicate whether their horses is being retired du

Fifth jumps racing death – RIP Shot Of Glory

BREAKING NEWS: Shot Of Glory fell at Cranbourne in a jumps trial on Wednesday May 25, suffering a shoulder injury and was subsequently killed. Shot Of Glory is the fifth horse to be killed in jumps racing this season. Help us end the carnage, contact your MP today and demand they end jumps racing now! With the state election looming, there is no better time to do so. PLEASE join us in speaking out against this hor
2013 Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses.