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2013 Year In Review
Good Weekend for racehorses
Ban Jumps Racing!
Wastage: Read more
Volunteer with CPR
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Show No Remorse…..spared from slaughter!

This ex-racehorse was spotted by our volunteers being sold for $290 to a kill buyer at the Laidley sales in Queensland. She was separated from her new born foal and taken away. Assuming she would be now dead, we shared her sad story on our Facebook page. We were then notified that the knackery who had purchased her was giving her one last chance, and she could still be spared from slaughter if a compassionate indi

The dark side of racing…

photo (3)
Here are just some of the sweet ex-racehorses who were bought by kill buyers at a Victorian sale yard today. In a few days time they will be killed for dog food or human consumption and exported to countries such as Belgium and France. These routine killings of ex-racehorses are happening every day of the year here in Australia – yet the racing industry still won’t take action and implement a retiremen

Racehorse heat stress

While sporting events were being cancelled all around the state on Saturday, the horses at Caulfield were not so lucky as we the launch of Relaxing Racing at Caulfield Racecourse in the 40 degree heat. While it might have been relaxing for the racegoers and punters in the air conditioned betting and bar areas, it certainly wasn’t for the horses who had to race outside in the direct sunlight – many of
2013 Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses.