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5 horses killed. Ban Jumps Racing!
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Volunteer with CPR
Welcome to Horse Racing Kills.com - the website the racing industry doesn't want you to see

The death of Immaculate

REST IN PEACE IMMACULATE. KILLED AT MT GAMBIER – 15/05/14 Yesterday 7YO mare ‘Immaculate’ was killed after suffering a serious break to her leg at Mt Gambier. We don’t know the full details of her injuries yet as the stewards reports are not yet released, however as you can see, her bone is fully protruding from her leg. We can’t begin to imagine the pain this poor girl was going throu


It’s National Volunteer Week! CPR wouldn’t be here today if it were not for the hard work of dedicated volunteers, and we are always looking to expand. If you are passionate about racehorse welfare and want to dedicate some of your spare time to create a better world for them you can fill out a volunteer form via our website¬†-¬†we are active in Vic, SA, NSW, QLD, WA and Tas. To keep with the trend of N

Happy Mother’s Day!

We LOVE our mums – which is why we can’t bear to think about other mums suffering, but it is the unfortunate truth for many broodmares who breed foals for the racing industry. Each year in Australia, there are thousands of broodmares who are sent to slaughter when they are no longer considered commercially viable in the eyes of the industry. That is, when they can no longer produce foals. Most of them w
2013 Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses.