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Urge Decision Makers to Ban Jumps Racing


The Victorian and South Australian governments both have the power to end jumps racing if they want to. However both of these governments continue to make the same invalid excuses for the continuation of jumps racing that we have seen time and time again.

It’s time for the people to raise their voice and get the government to act in our interests, not the interests of a small minority group. These governments are here to represent us, so it’s up to us to make them listen!

Please write to the following decision makers and urge them to ban jumps racing in Victoria and South Australia.


1. Email the decision makers using this form

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2. Call the decision makers

Daniel Andrews, VIC Premier 
03 9651 5000 - daniel.andrews@parliament.vic.gov.au
Martin Pakula, VIC Racing Minister
03 8684 1111 - martin.pakula@parliament.vic.gov.au
Leon Bignell, SA Minister for Sport and Recreation
08 8226 1210 - ministerleonbignell@sa.gov.au
Jay Weatherill, Premier of South Australia
08 8463 3166 - minister.weatherill@sa.gov.au
Bernard Saundry, CEO Racing Victoria Ltd
03 9258 4258 - b.saundry@racingvictoria.net.au
Robert Roulston, Chairman Racing Victoria Ltd
03 9258 4258 – r.roulston@racingvictoria.net.au
Jim Watters, CEO Thoroughbred Racing SA
08 8179 9800 – jwatters@theracessa.com.au


3. Speak up for horses in the media

The Age:

The Herald Sun:

The Australian:

The Advertiser:
Click here

3AW: 13 13 32

ABC Radio: 1300 22 55 76

Melb. Talk Radio: 131 873


4. Download our petition (VIC only)


5. Volunteer with CPR


By volunteering with CPR, you can make an ongoing commitment to help end the suffering of horses in jumps racing. Click here to submit your volunteer form.

CPR Volunteers at Oakbank 2013


6. Make a donation


If you want to help but don’t have the time, then please donate to help stop cruelty to animals. With your support, CPR can be a bigger, stronger and more effective voice for animals.

Scenic Buzz is killed behind the green screen at Sandown 17.4.2013



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