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The Facts - Wastage - Horse Racing

  • Racehorses across Australia earned $428,339,959 in prizemoney for their owners, yet no provisions are made for their retirement. Unfortunately, most are sent to slaughter.[1]
  • $14,387,790,000 was wagered on thoroughbred racing in 2011. A 1% levy could be applied to all bets to secure the horse’s future. This would equate to more than $143M in 2011.[1]
  • The number of horses involved in breeding has declined by 10% for stallions and 15% for mares over the past four years (therefore, for every horse that enters the breeding industry, one horse must exit the industry).[1]
  • 15,893 new horses were born into the racing industry in 2011. With the number of thoroughbreds racing remaining constant at around 31,000, at least 16,000 horses must be exiting the industry every year.[1]
  • A widely accepted figure is that only 300 of 1000 Thoroughbred¬†foals born actually end up racing [2], [3].

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