The Coalition For The Protection Of Racehorses was established to advocate for racehorses. Our strategic plan includes undercover investigation, public awareness campaigns and political lobbying.

  • Jumps Racing


    Join us in the fight to ban this dangerous “sport” in ALL Australian states.

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  • The Whip


    Whipping horses repeatedly inflicts physical and psychological pain and increases the likelihood of injury.

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  • Wastage


    When horses are no longer financially viable a significant number are sent to the knackery to be killed.

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  • Racehorse Retirement Plan


    Read our proposal to Racing Australia calling for 1% of all betting turnover to establish a retirement plan.

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  • Two-year-old Racing


    Horses are not skeletally mature until five years of age. Subsequently, a significant number sustain injuries in their first year of racing and do not return.

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  • Become A Supporter


    Become a CPR supporter now, by signing up to make monthly donations. Learn more about how your donation helps.

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Become a Volunteer

Our team is run entirely by dedicated volunteers, who are members of the public just like you. If you are concerned about the welfare of horses in the racing industry and would like to help, please get in touch. Volunteer now


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