PETITION: Life ban for jockey who punched horse

PETITION: life ban for jockey who punched horse

On Wednesday at Port Lincoln, jockey Dylan Caboche dismounted his horse and punched She’s Reneldasgirl in the stomach.

She’s Reneldasgirl was still made to race, finishing 10th out of 12 horses.

The biggest blow came when stewards determined his punishment – a two week ban from racing. This is not the first time a jockey has punched a horse in Australian racing – it happened just 10 weeks ago and that jockey received a $500 fine.

It’s time for the racing industry to realise that there is no place for violence against horses. Jockeys who punch horses need a life ban from racing to send the strongest message possible.

Sign the petition now to speak up for She’s Reneldasgirl and help change the rules so that violent jockeys are turfed from horse racing.


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